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Tax Time Phone Scams – How to protect your family

Around this time every year, the increase in phone scams rises dramatically. We call this, scam season. But what are scammers exactly targeting this year?

Tax Office Scam

The closer we get to the end of the financial year, the more scam phone calls you seem to receive impersonating the tax office. 99% of the time this particular scam is attempting to induce fear into the victim in order to export information and money.

Its important to remember the tax office will NEVER ask you for information or request details over the phone.

“Your Internet is sending out errors”

This particular scam is mainly used to target the elderly and the non-technical folk. The scammers use a 3 step process to steal data or money (in form of gift cards or credit card details). The first step involves communicating with the victim that their internet is “hacked” or is “sending out errors” and that it needs to be “Fixed by us, the Telstra customer support”. The next step involves the victim granting the scammer access to their computer, using a remote software such as TeamViewer. In the third and final step, the scammer will maliciously extort capital out of the victim in form of gift cards or credit card details. If the victim refuses, the scammer will then wipe data or lock the computer completely.

The best way to combat this type of scam is simply hang up. Playing with the scammers, although entertaining, can add attract more of these types of calls.

A Wagga resident warning local’s about the latest phone scam (via Facebook Group ‘Wagga Wagga Neighbourhood watch”


The below resources offer the resources you need to protect you and your family. Please ensure you sit down and educate your loved ones ASAP

Scam Watch

Types of Scams – Scam Watch

Report a Scam – Scam Watch


The 2 above phone scams are the most common currently going around. Ensuring you and your loved ones are aware and know the best thing you can do is hang up.

If you are worried your computer or information has been compromised please shut down your device and call us immediately on 0477 265 444.