Microsoft 365

Managed Microsoft 365

Wagga IT manages Microsoft 365 services to increase productivity and reduce downtime. workplace environment and enable seamless communication with customers and easy remote access. Regular updates are also provided to clients on the latest features and benefits of the platform.

Setup and Configuration

Wagga IT sets up and configures Microsoft 365 following industry standards, analyzes your needs, selects appropriate plans, implements security measures, and optimizes performance. We also assist with data migration, configure email and syncing, and provide training and support to ensure smooth adoption. Our aim is a secure and accessible Microsoft 365 environment tailored to your business needs.

Disaster Recovery

Wagga IT provides a solution to secure Microsoft 365 data by regularly backing up all data to a secure offsite location. This ensures a quick recovery in case of a disaster. They also implement data retention policies, monitor data activity logs, and educate employees on best practices for data security to prevent data loss, cyber threats and potential data breaches. By default, all Microsoft 365 data backed up 3 times per day in our secure datacentre

Email Security

Wagga IT protects customer Microsoft 365 with third party email security products, using advanced malware protection, spam filters, email policies, and regular updates to safeguard against malware and spam.

Phishing Simulations & User Training

Phishing simulations can improve an organisation’s security posture by testing its security measures with real-world threats, identifying vulnerabilities, and developing strategies to prevent successful attacks. Wagga IT offers effective user training with interactive learning tools, webinars, and simulations to help organisations strengthen their cybersecurity resilience.

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