Computer Repairs Wagga

Have a computer problem? We can fix it!

Computers, like cars, need some much needed TLC every now and then. Our qualified Team can help no questions asked!

Virus Removal

Has your computer contracted a Virus? Let us remove the virus and insure your data is safe the right way

Computer Servicing

Computers, like cars. Require regular servicing to ensure the longevitiy and performance of your computer

Hardware Upgrades

Computers over time start to deterioate. Hardware upgrades can be an affordable way to boost your computers performance

Data Recovery

Does your computer not boot? Let Wagga IT attempt recovery of your loved family photos and important documents.

Computer Repairs

Dropped your laptop? Broken screen or keyboard? Hardrive failure? We can help get you back up and running!

Pickup & Drop off Service

We can pick up your computer and drop off for no additional charge. Read more below.

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