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BlogsecurityFacebook Hacked – Check to see if you have been leaked

Facebook Hacked – Check to see if you have been leaked

If you were unaware, Facebook was involved in a rather large breach earlier this month. Only 533 million regards were publicly available, i know…… 533 million…

What we Know

The breached data was first seen on a hacking community forum in June 2020, where any person could purchase the data off the selling party. The breach contains the personal data of around 533 million people in 106 countries around the world. Since the data has recently been released to the public free of cost, Facebook has officially said that the breached data is collated information from an “an old leak dating back to 2019”

What data was leaked?

First off, luckily no password information was leaked and leaked data varies from country to country.

The total number of users affected by the leak is 533,313,128, with information such as member’s mobile number, Facebook unique ID, name, gender, location, relationship status, occupation, date of birth and email addresses. Out of the above data the mobile number data is the most critical for companies to use.

Scarily enough, the majority of the information leaked could have been publicly scraped by anybody. Since the leak in 2019, Facebook has disabled the ability to search a user using their mobile phone number, a tool widely used by marketing companies around the world.

Check if you have been leaked

Luckily for us, there are some very smart people out there dedicated to protecting the privacy of users.

Troy Hunt from HaveIBeenPwned as created a tool for users to search their mobile phone number to check whether they have been affected by this data breach.

To check your data, please click here: and enter your mobile phone number or email address to see if you have been breached.

If you have been breached, its highly recommended to contact an IT professional to go over your options –