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How often have you been out in the field or using multiple devices and emails have gone astray? Believe it or not, it’s a common problem with older, ‘cheaper’ email solutions. Microsoft’s Office 365 eliminates this altogether with their Exchange Active Sync technology. Sync your emails, calendars, email rules and much more to all your devices seamlessly and without issues. If you would like to trial these syncing technologies contact us.


Being a cloud solution, Office365 eliminates the need for physical hardware at your business. You can access your emails, Onedrive and all office applications from a portal, anytime, anywhere. Because Office365 is hosted in tier 1 data centres in Australia, gone are the times of Internet outages resulting in loss of crucial emails and income.


We have all lost data and wish we had strong reliable backups in place. From the loss of family photos to crucial business documents. Emails are the most secure way to send and receive business documents over the internet. So it makes sense to backup your emails, right? Backing up through Office365 is VERY simple. For a couple of extra dollars per month per mailbox, we can backup your emails offsite to a secure data center in Australia with one-click restore features.

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